Product features  

Feature Benefit
Brand Name  Fadhili  company   loan
  • Easy to remember
Target Market Registered companies with stable business which are licensed and with proper records. The company business should be actively operational for a period not less than two years
  • To optimize the market in need of the loans
Product design
Access requirements Loan shall be accessible to: 

  • Registered companies with good credit history
  •  Proof of Regular business income or remittance clear business records
  •  The share holders/directors should be willing to act as the guarantors of the loan
  • There should be a prove of stable and reliable cash flow
  • The business should be within our area of operation
  • The company should provide sufficient collateral for the loan
  • Easy to access the loan product
Loan size
  • There will be  Loan Guarantee Deposit of 20% required
  • Minimum loan amount of 300,000 and subsequent loan graduations 
  • Adequate loan amounts 
Loan Term  Maximum Repayment period of upto six months for loans of 300000 and nine months for subsequent loans 
  • Enough repayment periods to repay the installments. 
Repayment frequency Can be repaid weekly or monthly
  • Enables client to pay in small manageable instalments direct from ones regular Business income or any other sources.
Security/Collateral Company’s assets and the guarantors’(directors) chattels to be used
  • Easy collateral
Grace Period
  • One month
  • Enables one make timely repayments.
  • 2.5% per month
  • Affordable 
Loan processing fee 
  • 3% of the loan applied
  • Affordable and fair
Loan insurance fee.
  • 1% or Kshs.100 of the loan amount whichever is higher.
  • No pressure on self/family to repay in case of the covered risks (Death or permanent incapacitation).
Passbook   Use the normal passbook for 
  • Keep track of one’s accounts’ status all the time
Late Penalty
  • 0.5% per day on instalment in arrears
  • Enhances repayment discipline & guaranteed fast subsequent loans
Marketing information
  • Referrals and outreach
  • Well informed 
  • Fadhili micro enterprises offices i.e  Mombasa Mtwapa Ukunda Kilifi likoni,changamwe,mariakani,Malindi,
  • Convenient because it is reachable by all.
  • Less costs of transport and time
Loan processing time
  • The loan should be disbursed within two weeks after approval by the loan committee 
  • Faster, saves time and the situation at hand.
Length of application forms
  • 1- 2 pages
  • Not tedious
Clarity of application forms
  • Simple, clear and easy to understand
  • Easy to understand