Product features  

“8 ps” Feature Benefit
Brand Name  Faster-faster special loan Product
  • Emergency in nature/ Easy to remember
Target Market
  • All our unfunded clients or already funded but they have some emergencies to attend. 
  • Loan product whose purpose is to finance some emergency cases or businesses that require some small amounts for emergency Financing.  
Product design
Access requirements Loan shall be accessible to: 

  • All Fadhili and/or none Fadhili members clients.
  • Aged between 18-65 years.
  • Borrower with a good repayment record 
  • Borrowers with Proof of Regular business income or remittance.
  • Borrower willing to provide guarantee of repayment and also be guaranteed by at least three Fadhili active members from existing groups.
  • All clients who already have businesses or have some reliable sources of income.
  • Offering responsiveness loan product for both Fadhili and none Fadhili clients.
Loan size
  • Loan guarantee deposit ratio: No loan guarantee deposit is required.
  • Loan cycles;
  • 1st cycle Kshs. 5, 000 
  • 2nd cycle Kshs.7,500
  • 3rd cycle Kshs.10,000
  • Adequate loan amounts to meet all emergency needs.
Loan Term 
  • 1st cycle Kshs. 5, 000 Max repayment period 1month 
  • 2nd cycle Kshs.7,500 Max repayment period 1months
  • 3rd cycle Kshs.10,000 max repayment period 1months
  • Enough repayment periods to repay the instalments. 
Repayment frequency
  • Weekly meetings 
  • Enables client to pay in small manageable instalments direct from ones regular Business income or any other sources.
  • Three Fadhili active members in the existing active centers and either the centre leader or group leader to approve.
  • Household’s items.
  • Easy collateral
  • 0.5% rebate for good clients on the interest paid at the end of period.
  • Reward for good payers
Grace Period
  • One week.
  • Enables one make timely repayments.
  • 20% per month flat rate
  • Affordable 
Loan processing fee 
  • 4.5% of the amount applied for.


  • Affordable and fair. No pressure to raise the processing fee as it is deducted direct from the amount to be disbursed.
Loan insurance fee.
  • Included in the loan disbursement fee.
  • No pressure on self/family to repay in case of the covered risks (Death or permanent incapacitation).
  • Kshs.50
  • Keep track of one’s accounts’ status all the time
Late Penalty
  • 0.5% per day on instalment in arrears
  • Enhances repayment discipline & guaranteed fast subsequent loans
Marketing information
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Marketing through the existing canters and groups.
  • Awareness campaigns during community/Family meetings, youth meetings
  • Well informed & knowledgeable customers
Promotional materials
  • Pens& rulers, T-shirts, Caps, Key-holders, umbrella,
  • Incentives
  • Fadhili micro enterprises Head-office
  • Convenient because it is reachable by all.
  • Less costs of transport and time
  • “Saidika usikonde”
Benefit statement
  • ‘Quicker investment high returns’.
Unique selling proposition
  • To be developed from benefits reported by clients as they start enjoying the service.
Product Image
  • To be developed from benefits reported by clients
Corporate image
  • To be developed from benefits reported by clients
Physical Evidence
Passbook (repayment schedules)
  • Provided on loan disbursement 
  • Protects one from penalties and clarity of installments information.
Copy of the loan agreement
  • Copy provided to client and proper signing done during disbursement.
  • Ones right
Customer service
  • Positive staff attitude in customer handling
  • Very experienced and competent staffs.
  • Customer valued as he/she is the reason for our existence.
Loan processing time
  • Fadhili staffs are efficient
  • Maximum 24 hours needed to process the loan 
  • Faster, saves time and the situation at hand.
Length of application forms
  • 1- 2 pages
  • Not tedious
Clarity of application forms
  • Simple, clear and easy to understand
  • Easy to understand



  • Brochures, Loan forms and other stationary to be produced later.