Product features  

Feature Benefit
Brand Name 
  • Fadhili  Individual  loan
  • Easy to remember
Target Market Individual clients with stable business which are licensed and with proper records. The client should have permanent residence
  • The main objective of the product is to reach the market that are in need of the loans and might not have time to attend meetings and those who have been in groups and have reached the loan ceiling limit for group loans
Product design
Access requirements Loan shall be accessible to: 

  • Aged between 18-65 years.
  • Borrower with a good repayment record 
  • Borrowers with Proof of Regular business income or remittance clear business records
  •  Borrower willing to provide two guarantors or more with stable businesses
  • All clients who already have businesses or have some reliable sources of income.
  • Either the applicant or the guarantor should have a permanent residence i.e not rented
  • Offering responsiveness loan product that cares for the welfare of the Fadhili clients 
Loan size
  • There will be  Loan Guarantee Deposit of 20% required
  • Minimum loan amount of 50,000 and loan graduations of upto 50,000 in the subsequent loans
  • Adequate loan amounts 
Loan Term  Maximum Repayment period of upto six months for loans upto 50000 nine months for loans between50000 and 120000

1 year for loans more than 120000


  • Enough repayment periods to repay the installments. 
Repayment frequency
  • To be repaid weekly during the weekly through individual deposits
  • Enables client to pay in small manageable instalments direct from ones regular Business income or any other sources.
  • Household’s items/chattels Chattels mortgage form must be filled)
  • Minimum of two guarantors required and should also give their chattels as securities
  • Easy collateral
Grace Period
  • One week.
  • Enables one make timely repayments.
  • 2.5% per month
  • Affordable 
Loan processing fee 
  • 3% of the loan applied
  • Affordable and fair
Loan insurance fee.
  • 1% or Kshs.100 of the loan amount whichever is higher.
  • No pressure on self/family to repay in case of the covered risks (Death or permanent incapacitation).
Passbook   Use the normal passbook for 
  • Keep track of one’s accounts’ status all the time
Late Penalty
  • 0.5% per day on instalment in arrears
  • Enhances repayment discipline & guaranteed fast subsequent loans
Marketing information
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Marketing through the existing centres and groups.
  • Well informed & knowledgeable customers
Promotional materials
  • Pens& rulers, T-shirts, Caps, Key-holders, umbrella,
  • Incentives
  • Fadhili micro enterprises offices i.e  Mombasa Mtwapa Ukunda Kilifi likoni,changamwe,mariakani
  • Convenient because it is reachable by all.
  • Less costs of transport and time
  • Simu kwa wote
Benefit statement
  • Clients welfare
Unique selling proposition
  • To be developed from benefits reported by clients as they start enjoying the service.
Product Image
  • To be developed from benefits reported by clients
Corporate image
  • To be developed from benefits reported by clients
Physical Evidence
Passbook (repayment schedules)
  • Provided on loan disbursement 
  • Protects one from penalties and clarity of installments information.
Copy of the loan agreement
  • Copy provided to client and proper signing done during disbursement.
  • Ones right
Customer service
  • Positive staff attitude in customer handling
  • Very experienced and competent staffs..
  • Customer valued as he/she is the reason for our existence.
Loan processing time
  • Fadhili staffs are efficient
  • Maximum one week needed to process the loan 
  • Faster, saves time and the situation at hand.
Length of application forms
  • 1- 2 pages
  • Not tedious
Clarity of application forms
  • Simple, clear and easy to understand
  • Easy to understand