Product features

“8 ps” Feature Benefit
Brand Name  Fadhili Maji Chap Chap loan
  • Easy to remember
Target Market
  • Fadhili registered clients doing activities which include households, families and farmers in agri-business, commercial activities.
Objective To finance all clients to acquire water technology, farming machinery, water machinery  and equipment ranging from water from house gutters, water pans, private and commercial dams, rain water harvesting, water storage, water distribution, borehole construction and dressing, construction of domestic and commercial biogas plants, improvement of sewerage and reticulation systems
Product design
Access requirements Loan shall be accessible to: 

  • Should be registered members of Fadhili 
  • Aged between 18-70 years or anyone insurable
  • Borrower with a good repayment record 
  • Borrower willing to provide guarantee of repayment and also be guaranteed by all members from the group.
  • They must be registered in a formal group.
  • He / She should have a viable business project with revenues and incomes to be able to repay loan timely and sufficiently
Loan size
  • The loan size is dependent on the needs of the client i.e. Size of the house , factory or farm

The client will be given loan equivalent to the water needs accessed and approved by Fadhili 

Extra loans will be restricted to maintenance and working capital needs of water equipment installed 

From Kes 3,000 to Kes 5,000,000 per acre depending on the approved works and subject water equipment  

Loan Term 
  • Repayment period of up to a maximum of 36 Months, with a moratorium of 1 -4 months (subject to T&C)
  • Up to 90% financing, with flexible collateral terms
  • Enough repayment periods to repay the installments.
Repayment frequency
  • The repayment will be monthly
  • Per season or Harvest depending on business venture
Enables client to pay in small manageable instalments
  • All Fadhili active members in the existing active centers.
  • Household’s items or any other prearranged / pre committed collaterals
  • Easy collateral
Grace Period
  • Dependent on the crop duration
  • From 30 days to maximum of 180 days depending on approved works and subject water equipment  
  • Enables to have time till harvesting water 
  • Interest of 3.5% per month
  • Affordable 
Loan insurancefee.
  • 1% or Kshs.1,000 of the loan amount whichever is higher.
  • Or as Guided by the insurance service provider
  • No pressure on self/family to repay in case of the covered risks (Death or permanent incapacitation).
Marketing information
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Social media
  • Marketing through the existing centres and groups.
  • Well informed & knowledgeable customers
Promotional materials
  • Pens& rulers, T-shirts, Caps, Key-holders, umbrella,
  • Incentives
  • Fadhili micro enterprises offices across the country

Available every where across all the Kenyan counties.

  • Convenient because it is reachable by all.
  • Less costs of transport and time
  • “Vuna Maji Chap Chap”
Benefit statement
  • . cheap affordable 
  • Clients’ welfare
Unique selling proposition
  • To be developed from benefits reported by clients as they start enjoying the service.
Product Image
  • To be developed from benefits reported by clients
Corporate image
  • To be developed from benefits reported by clients
Physical Evidence
Passbook (repayment schedules)
  • Provided on loan disbursement 
  • Protects one from penalties and clarity of installments information.
Copy of the loan agreement
  • Copy provided to client and proper signing done during disbursement.
  • Ones right
Customer service
  • Positive staff attitude in customer handling
  • Very experienced and competent staffs.
  • Customer valued as he/she is the reason for our existence.
Loan processing time
  • Once approved and applied on the system it will be instant
  • Faster, saves time and the situation at hand.
Length of application forms
  • 1- 2 pages
  • Not tedious
Clarity of application forms
  • Simple, clear and easy to understand
  • Easy to understand
Business Rules
Facilitation fee/Interest repayment
  • Interest is recovered before principle
  • Amount disbursed is 100% of request and costs added to amount due.